At Magic Chocolates we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy chocolate. Hence the idea to make delicious chocolate that is also completely allergen-free.

Seeing children with a food allergy smile and enjoy chocolate for the first time in their lives makes us happy. Giving people with diabetics a chance to taste chocolate anyway, that is our mission! No wonder we are delighted that more and more people find their way to Magic Chocolates.

Gourmets too specifically choose Magic chocolate, made in accordance with the tradition of the Belgian chocolate makers. We cherish that appreciation for a pure and fine chocolate product that makes the difference.

We go for the perfect taste sensation and therefore only use cocoa that is cultivated and processed with due care. During a visit to the plantations in Peru we have seen for ourselves how the farmers there cultivate their organic cocoa and we believe that this is the only correct way.

Our packaging too has been chosen with respect for the environment. The sleeve is 100% eco-cardboard with 25% grass and is printed with vegetal inks, the flow pack is biodegradable. As green pioneers in the chocolate industry, we keep our ecological footprint minimal.

Want to know more about Magic Chocolates and The Belgian Chocolate Factory? Watch the videos below! Or contact us for more information.

Belgische chocoladefabriek Magic Chocolates